What Our Clients Say About Our Construction Services

Burge Construction has become our “go-to” contractor for all IMP installations in our plant. We value their insight on wall design concepts and expertise on installation techniques. This input has minimized production disruption and improved the final result

-Satisfied Customer

Burge Construction has been elevated to “Trusted Contractor” status at our plant because of the performance and attitude of their crews. This means we can count on Burge Construction teams to strictly follow our personnel and food safety requirements while providing high-quality work and attention to detail that makes projects successful.

-Satisfied Customer

Burge Construction is the best company run by the most amazing family. I met the Burge's a few years ago, they have such a wonderful family and energy, it is amazing to do business with them. They run their company with the highest level of integrity. You absolutely cannot go wrong by choosing to do business with them.

- Dinah Worley